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Causality and the Perpetrator-Victim Model
I wanted to address a variety of points that have arisen lately in the group, under a new topic head.

NelsÂ’ recent posting will serve as a starting point of reference and an opportunity to clarify some misperceptions.

Firstly, to your point that Dr. Hawkins has said that the best thing we can do is to pray for peace: If he indeed made that statement, it would be appreciated if you would cite the specific reference. I have no recollection of such a statement (and I'm prepared to stand corrected if you can cite when he made it), though he has said something to the effect that praying for peace was more productive than peace demonstrations. What I do recall him saying is that generally the most productive thing one can do is to raise one’s own consciousness. As the sea of consciousness rises, he has said, the “ships” on the sea also rise. He has also said that peace is a natural consequence of truth, and war is a natural consequence of force; there is no peace without truth, and no war without falsity (I'm paraphrasing here).

Next, to your point that an effort made to engage this group in a coordinated prayer activity was rejected by the group: ThatÂ’s really not accurate, unless one reads rejection into the fact that the group as a whole didn't enroll in the effort. There were a few people interested in the effort, and I suggested that they might want to coordinate the effort among themselves rather than through the group as a whole. I don't know what became of that effort. But one must take care about extrapolating from these facts a conclusion that suggests this group summarily rejected the notion, and, more significantly, about forming any kind of judgment about
this. The inclination to prayer is an expression of high devotion, of course. So is the inclination to focus on the raising of consciousness. One is not “better” than the other; they’re simply different.

Now, to the heart of what I wanted to address. There has been a lot of message traffic regarding the supposed implications of world events, such as the results of the U. S. election, Wal-Mart, and other similarly controversial occurrences. It seems a good time to revisit one of Dr.
HawkinsÂ’ most central and frequently mentioned points: The concept of Causality, and how the ego perceives it through the Perpetrator-Victim model.

Hawkins has said that the perception of social injustice in the world is the ego projecting its Perpetrator-Victim model out into the world. Because the ego lives in a constant illusion of Causality – the sense that events cause things to happen – the ego commonly plays that illusion out in the
Perpetrator-Victim model. Hawkins has also said that the sense of perpetrators and victims is the hardest illusion for the ego to release;
itÂ’s at the core of how the ego works.

Here are some examples of how the ego, projecting its illusions out to the world in the form of sensitivity to social injustice, sees perpetrators and victims:

Perpetrator: George Bush
Victim: People who cherish peace and honesty

Perpetrator: John Kerry
Victim: People who cherish values and consistency

Perpetrator: Wal-Mart
Victim: Employees, hoodwinked consumers, global sustainability, fairness

The list could go on, of course, but I choose these three for balance and timeliness. Another similar example is the moderating of online discussion groups, which is sometimes cast as the perpetration of censorship against free and open inquiry. Does showing these situations as examples of the
Perpetrator-Victim model suggest that they have no consequence in and of themselves, that they just don't matter, as “sensitive” people sometimes

They matter insofar as they are manifestations of illusion, and certainly the suffering that illusion fosters is real. Compassion for this suffering is most natural. But the ego tends to moralistically judge such situations, because it tends to see them as Causal. The notion of Causality
is the grand illusion, the illusion that begets so many others, which is why Hawkins talks about it so incessantly.

Events have no causal power. They cause nothing. And any attempt to address perceived problems on the level of Causality – that is, on the level of the presenting events themselves – is necessarily futile and frustrating.

I've sometimes been asked why this group doesn't explore social issues and events more, and why I as moderator seem to be reactive against efforts to take the groupÂ’s discussion into such areas. The question implies an
insensitivity, a lack of concern, and a forceful reactivity against important issues. If such a position is held, no answer will suffice, since it would not engage in Causality. The truth is, I have no inclination to support the exploration of Causality. There is no reality to be found in
such a pursuit.

Rather, the alleviation of troublesome world events occurs only with the raising of consciousness, not in trying to control or change events themselves. Peace is to be found in understanding the true impetus behind the manifestation of events and situations in the physical plane. That lies
in consciousness itself, in the understanding of how consciousness gives rise to the perceptions that, in turn, drive physical events. This understanding, and the peace and truth it brings, is why Hawkins says one of the most significant things we can do is to raise our own level of
consciousness, which raises the total sea of consciousness. If peace is to manifest on this planet, it will do so only because truth prevails.

Truth will prevail only when we have the consciousness to allow it to live within us.
Posted on: 2004/11/22 16:38
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