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Re: The Highest Level of Enlightenment REVIEW

aveul wrote:
Hello Bryan!

Please tell me if you can, what spiritual technique Dr. Hawkins thinks is even more effective than meditation.

I really need this...

Thank you very much!


He's made this recommendation numerous times during lectures. I'll see if I can find a helpful exact lecture quote on the topic. In the meantime, as I recall, he points out that meditation is something you do at a specific time for a specific duration, such as each morning for a half hour. Contemplation, as he points out is something you can do all of the time, and to use his words, it's "making your life a prayer".

In practice, for myself, it involves the intention to notice a particular automatic behavior I'd like to transcend, with the understanding that simply noticing it will begin to decrease its prevalence. It requires patience, and the willingness to be satisfied with progress, rather than trying to achieve a hypothetical ideal such as the idea I should be free of it immediately or even quickly...or shouldn't have it in the first place! Chuckle. There are habits going on in my subjectivity that are deep rooted, some seem to be survival based, and I have no idea how long it will take for them to be transcended.

So for me, contemplation is being mindful, being aware of what's going on in the subjectivity and therefore noticing the automatic habits, such as aversions, attractions, or positionalities, when they "pop in" and noticing any inner judgement about what is observed. The intention to be mindful, in my experience, does increase the probability I will be more mindful, and is an example of "What you hold in mind tends to manifest". I have to be willing to look at any subjective habits (thinkingness, emotions, opinions, positionalities, aversions, animal urges, etc.) no matter how "distasteful" I may find it (radical self-honesty), to own it as being my responsibility, and ask God to remove it, as in the 12 steps.

There may be an automatic habit to blame someone else for some inner disturbance, rather than own it, but that too can be simply observed, and need not be judged. It seems that what is gradually going on is that I'm going from "being asleep at the wheel", to being awake and aware of what's going on, all of the time. Said another way, one is going from being an unconscious participant/puppet, at the whim of whatever thought/emotion/image that pops into the "inner arena", to being the witness/observer of the "inner circus". Sometimes its so absurd in my "inner arena", when lost in "puppet-ness", that calling it a circus seems appropriate and allows a bit of humor to be injected.

A quote from Dr. Hawkins that I recall suggests, to paraphrase, "You hold in mind the state of awareness to which you aspire". For myself, the intention is to continuously be in the place of witnessing all of what goes on in the "inner arena", rather than getting lost in it, or attempting to force a change. I have no idea how long it will take, so I've dropped the hypothetical ideas about it, and I jump with joy with each increase of inner freedom, no matter how seemingly slight. Dr. Hawkins once pointed out that the work itself is satisfying and gratifying. God bless him for blazing a trail, I'm eternally grateful. Blessings, Russ
Posted on: 2011/11/20 13:05
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