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  Dr. Hawkins notes Oct. 16,2004 part 1 of 3

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Dr. Hawkins notes Oct. 16,2004 part 1 of 3
Dr. Hawkins Lecture
Sedona Creative Life Center
October 16, 2004

from Lou Marzeles Notes

If you know just a few things really well, there’s not much more you really need.

The Field is invisible, all encompassing, without space and time, forever and always present, the infinite. The human mind cannot conceive it. It is exquisitely gentle and powerful. The field is infinitely powerful, like a giant electromagnetic field with no ending. The field is so powerful that it includes all potentialities. Within the field, potentiality is actualized by intention. Karma is innate potentiality. If you continuously hold a thought, it will become happening. Otherwise no one would become enlightened.

As the potentiality begins to manifest, the ego instantly takes credit for it. There’s no inner, separate, personal self making anything happen.

Used to drive three times a week over Mingus Mountain. One day I suddenly saw these century plants on the side of the road, taller than I am. We checked with kinesiology to see how long the seeds had been in the ground, and we got 150 years. It didn’t grow until all conditions were just right.

To be radically honest ¬Ė more honest than most people, let alone radically honest ¬Ė means to find that moment a split second before the ego takes credit for something. The ego¬ís job is to replace God. The ego is a liar.

We do not lecture on kinesiology, and I don’t even believe in it. You can’t believe in kinesiology because it calibrates at 600, which is beyond linearity. You just use it like a screwdriver or a hammer, just as a tool. I have a certain reverence for it. It had been taught by Dr. John Diamond and others as a local phenomenon, which we discovered that it’s not.

I could have saved Martha Stewart a trip to jail. I would have told her, go to a 12-step program, look at number 10: When you make a mistake, promptly admit it. Martha was really convicted for lack of integrity. If she’d simply admitted she made a mistake, she would have been fined, end of story. She’s really in jail for lying to a federal jury.

The advance of truth doesn’t necessarily bring tranquil waters. In fact, it can disturb things for a while. You now have a new paradigm, and inherent in it is the downfall of the old.

The mind cannot find the space between two thoughts. The mind is confined to 1/10,000th of a second. The ego takes credit for all that happens in 1/10,000th of a second after the phenomenon has already occurred. Thoughts are more like flying fish than billiard balls. Flying fish just pop up spontaneously of their own nature. And you’ll always find some professor somewhere who’ll look at this and say, The flying fish are triangulating. And he’ll provide some gibberish equations to prove it. The mind is like that professor.

Everyone is always born with the most optimal conditions for spiritual growth. The circumstances of your birth are perfectly aligned with what you optimally need for your spiritual growth. That takes care of victimhood. Karma also has its upside; it provides for the undoing of things. When you reach a certain level of consciousness, you remember what happened in your previous lifetimes. The vicissitudes of life you can look at and say, I don’t know what it’s serving, but it must be serving something. And there is group karma as well.

When you drive a car, you tend to spread your consciousness to the field. A meditative lifestyle, then, is one in which you become identified with the field rather than the content of the field. The mind has to move from the particular to the particular to the particular; it can’t move any faster, and flits from this to this. The field doesn’t move to anything. The witness observer is the field. Most people think they’re thinking, but that’s just what they think. You don’t really think until level 400.

Politicians will say it’s okay to lie to get elected. Voters often base their decisions on what a politician says he’ll do about a specific situation; they don’t often ask, who is the person who’ll be for the highest good of all? The reason the human mind can’t discern truth from falsehood was described by Descartes. It thinks that res interna is the same as res externa, that what is true inside is also true outside.

The notion of causality itself doesn’t even follow logic. Because something follows something else doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily caused by that something. That’s the common error of the intellect, and of science as well. That which is provable is not spiritual truth. You can prove only that which is limited to the Newtonian paradigm of the linear.

Socrates said, Man always chooses the good; in fact, he’s only capable of choosing what he sees as being good. The problem is that man doesn’t always know the good from the bad. He thinks his choices are always good, even if it’s blowing up innocent people.

Many people ask, How can you forgive others if they’re wrong?

The infinite field of consciousness, that which we consult through kinesiology, is the field of the Absolute. The ego hates to hear anything that suggests it’s not God. The ego is clever; it gets rid of God by getting rid of the sovereignty of the Absolute.

The perpetrator-victim model is res interna projected onto society. There is no perpetrator, no victim in reality.

How can you tell truth from falsehood?
Unless you have a way to discern truth, kinesiology is the first way. The same thing can be true in one context and untrue in another context. A thing is only true under certain conditions. We have permission to ask that, O Lord [he makes this statement before doing kinesiology]. The Infinite field of consciousness is what we consult. It is the Absolute. A thing can be calibrated by saying, As compared with the Absolute, this calibrates at this level.

Force is always quick and temporary; power is always slow and permanent. Power, truth, has no opposite. There is only its absence.

Below 200, people mentate. They don’t think; they think they think, but they just mentate. The Lord’s Prayer calibrates at 650.

Devotional acts calibrate at 540, because of the power of their intention. Includes folding hands in prayer, kneeling to pray, genuflexion, praying at the Wailing Wall, turning a prayer wheel, etc.

Exposure to classical music, reverence for beauty, some degree of any religion, and playing a little chess ¬Ė criminality is unheard of for people who grow up with these influences. Exposure to spiritual integrity creates neuronal pathways that make it impossible to fall below integrity. This is what you can do for children to help them.
Posted on: 2004/11/3 14:45
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