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Transcending Duality
I am slowly starting to realize that transcending duality is a matter of perception within one's own subjective head..in fact the journey is. I hear that and think that I have heard it expressed like that but I don't fully understand that concept yet or atleast all of the time. I must admit that this concept is a little fuzzy to me..or at least I think it is...and it is actually really simple and the ego is making it more complicated than it needs to be (as I have heard time and time again) Perhaps I need to brush up on my PvsF (in fact I know that I do). But does part of transcending duality mean finding the ability to live within the field and being fully aware of it as what reality truly is and merely existing in the world of form/content because we have to as a consequence of having bodies as form? Moreover..that we actually ARE the field? And when we go with the flow within it (literally) by being loving and supportive and non-positional and allow God to come through and not to make a stand with our egos (which actually blocks the flow of postive energy in the field) only then we have trancesnded duality???? Help. Am I confused or warm?

Posted on: 2004/11/4 10:32
Re: Transcending Duality-rewrite
I must admit that my eyes were crossed reading my own post. At the time it made perfect sense. :) That was like a one paragraph run-on sentence!! Sorry. :) This is my question/comment in compact form:

Does transcending duality mean that one's primary focus and center of being become that of the field and that the world of form (the content) becomes almost irrelevant, but something with which one must deal as a result of having bodies (a form)?

And...is it possible that the only way one can really "be" in and be part of the field is to let the light/energy/divinity run through us by laying down the ego-filter so that we don't corrupt the flow of God's energy?

Okay..why do I feel like I could be hit by lightning at any moment? hahahahahaha

Please...is this it or not????!!!???


Posted on: 2004/11/4 19:11
Re: Transcending Duality
Annie -

I'm new to all this...so I'm not sure if I even know what exactly 'duality' means to you. I'm assuming you speak of the spirit and the body. The love(god) and the ego.

I've been learning these new thoughts related to the content on this site: about spirit; the now; of pure love; of our true source...I'm trying to focus on the existence of that only and not even give credit to my ego. What in turn I do is try to just be truly aware of the ego and only an observer of it--so that I can be smart enough and say "oh that's the ego" but it's not ME. it's not ME the spirit and the love in ME. it's not ME in the form of god. you know? the ego is something separate. that's the take i'm experimenting with at least.

so I guess I'm simply replying--not with any expert authority--just my own take at these tough-to-grasp concepts that we try discuss here. i'm suggesting that many say there is duality in the physical and spiritual sense...but I say there's only ONE side to this all. it's just pure love. and it all comes in many forms. but it's all ONE thing.

Posted on: 2004/11/7 23:07
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