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Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing by Marshall V
Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing
By:Marshall Vian Summers

Can Some one tell me if this calibrates above 200 and if a a good book to study and contemplate...Dr. David Hawkins tell us to avoid prophecies and Aliens stuff and occult stuff....

And i don't know that this true about this type of book:

The Ra Material: Law of One (Study Guide): calibrate around 990.

The Allies of Humanity: 530

George Greens "Handbooks for a New Paradigm" (all 4 of them together): calibrate in the mid 700s

E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual: calibrate at about 990.

Operation Terra (Volume 1, 2 & 3): calibrate in the mid 800s.
Posted on: 2012/3/15 12:15
Caveat Emptor
Hey gs103

It might be best to avoid such a work... and also to treat these calibrations with a pinch of salt. My trained instincts (learned from the original Inspector Clouseau - not the guy with white hair) is these other works listed are non-integrous.

Any talk of extra terrestrials should set alarm bells ringing for any serious spiritual student...
Posted on: 2012/3/15 13:28
Re: Caveat Emptor
Now, after all that has happened after the Doc's passing, I have been reading some books about extraterrestrials. By my understanding -- and by what several authors think -- ETs and UFOs are subtle energy beings and phenomena rather than 'dudes from another planet'. (The first author to express something similar was Carl Jung, in his book about flying saucers).

And most of these vital energy beings are harmful and confusing so Doc did well to caution against dealing with them. What Marshall Vian Summers mediates seems fairly benevolent, even inspiring, with a soft warming energy field, though lacking in mental clarity and definition. Not sure about Ra, ideas sound good but the energy is weird.

But no way could you get a calibration over 600 in Doc's system on material dealing so heavily with form.
Posted on: 2014/1/24 15:24
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