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Students of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Please Share Your Experience
I got this in September 2011 at a Fran Grace lecture in Sedona. I had this among my papers, but I had forgotten about it. So here it is - I copied it word for word.

Students of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Please Share Your Experience

We are putting together a book of anonymous testimonial accounts about Dr. David R. Hawkins - his presence, teachings, and impact. The book is meant to be inspirational for generations to come.

It is traditional for students or devotees who have had the rare opportunity to be in the presence of an Enlightened teacher to document their experience for the benefit of others who will not have the same opportunity.

For a model of what we are looking for, consult the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous or the "Came to Believe" book (AA). They contain a wide range of anonymous accounts from people speaking of transformative experiences.

If writing is difficult, we have found it helpful to verbalize the testimonial into a recording device and transcribe it, or have a friend do so.

Or, we have also found it beautiful for a few friends to gather together to record their sharing experiences, and then transcribe the comments into a written group testimony.

Note: There is no monetary payment for contributions, and the accounts are anonymous.

Details for written contribution:

• If possible, please type your submission. If this is not possible, a handwritten copy is fine.

• Please keep the maximum word count to about 2,000. This is approximately 3 singe-space pages at 12 point font.

• Preferred format: 12 point, Times New Roman, single spaced.

• At the end of account, write your city and country (ex: Sedona, Arizona, USA). This will reflect the international impact of Dr. Hawkins.

• If possible, please submit via email, to: fran_grace@redlands.edu, or email to: Fran Grace/ PO Box 2171/ Sedona, AZ 86339.

• Please share this announcement with other Dr. Hawkins students.

Thank you for participating.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!
Posted on: 2012/1/9 18:44
Re: Students of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Please Share Your Experience
Perhaps with the recent passing of the Doc, we might consider sharing our experiences of having been with the Doc, or otherwise how our exposure to the teachings has influenced us... whether it be in book form, or simply a thread here.
Posted on: 2012/9/23 16:53
Re: Students of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Please Share Your Experience
right before the love lecture... maybe like a week before, I think maybe less... Doc came to me in a dream and gave me a big hug, and the love I in that moment was overwhelming. Nothing was said... just a big hug full of love.
Posted on: 2012/9/24 20:33
Re: Students of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Please Share Your Experience
Here is an experience I would like to share that took place today: 12-4-2012

Had it not been for Hawkins Teachings, I would have been stuck here for God knows how long.


Benefits of world participation

I was in a real mess when I started doing Spiritual work, and it really hit me today when I was able to surrender a very large negative block.

The block was a negative position/belief in the mind about what participating in something in the world meant to me.

I had a profound realization as I experienced this releasing/surrendering moment.

As this negative energy was releasing from me, I realized that the energy from the belief is just an energy at a level of consciousness. It's not "bad". It's not like I have to "get rid of the bad negative energy". It's a choice. I can keep it or I can let it go. It's my choice to do one or the other. Each belief that I "own" in my mind has a calibratable level of consciousness. All of them put together are responsible for my current overall level (Among other things). Each one I release brings me up to a higher level to a certain degree depending on the magnitude of the position/belief. Beliefs and positions are not bad. Some are just different energy than others. Negative positions (Negative meaning the 'minus sign' meaning of the word) are just lower, and I experience lower via emotions that are deemed negative (Negative in the "bad" sense of the word). And, to me, life is much more appealing at the higher levels. So my choice is to release the lower beliefs that I have accumulated over time.

I know this sounds like Doc 101, and it sort of is. Before today I only had an intellectual understanding of it. But I never really "saw" it until today. I never totally understood it intuitively.

Do you know the world participating I was taking part in? It was applying for vehicle refinancing. I hadn’t done that in almost 3 and a half years, and it was terrifying when I did then. Now that my credit is better I wanted to get a better rate. As the spindle was rolling around with the "Please wait while we calculate your results" screen, all that horror came back to me in a flood. I minimized the screen and just let the negative energy all run out before seeing that I was approved.

Now that it's gone, it's really something to laugh at.

I never would have figured this out on my own. I am grateful for stumbling upon Hawkins Works.

Peace, Keith
Posted on: 2012/12/4 12:36
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