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Truth vs. Falsehood
We are all looking forward to Dr. Hawkins new book.

Truth vs. Falsehood

I have read the Power vs. Force trilogy and my life was changed because of it. Truth vs. Falsehood will, no doubt be just as impactful.

In a recent interview, Dr. Hawkins gave this teaser about Truth vs. Falsehood

DH: The thrust of the work is to first identify the nature of the ego, how it arose over evolutionary time, and what its structure is. And by looking at the structure, you see why the mind, in and of itself, is unable to comprehend and tell truth from falsehood. Descartes pointed out the reason centuries ago – that the mind is one thing, and the world, and nature and reality are another. And that man presumes that how he sees it within his mentation is how it is in the world. So how to transcend this is by transcending the ego. That means to let go of positionalities because they create a dualistic view of the world. Enlightenment is merely the consequence of transcending duality, in which the total oneness of everything and its divinity shines forth with very stunning clarity. Stunning enough to take you out of the world for some years, I’ll tell you.

I am working on some new applications of Dr. Hawkins ideas Register and we will keep you know via email. Plus you will be kept up to date with our kinesiology research.


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Posted on: 2004/11/3 16:50
Truth vs. Falsehood out in March
or at least that is the rumor.

I've very excited about studying all the calibrations.

Dr. Hawkins has said that the core teaching of all spiritual teachings by the great Avatar is to avoid that which makes you go weak.

In essense that means to avoid falsehood.

I have also purchased Dr. Hawkins audio course:

Which I found to be excellent.

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Posted on: 2005/3/3 12:37
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood
Hi God_Loves,

I've finally joined ( spaceman ). I've been talking with you for a little while now anonamously ( duality vs.reality) and a few others. You have been very helpful, thanks. Please e-mail me when you find out when Truth vs. Falsehood will be out.

Posted on: 2005/3/3 20:46
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood
I was listening to the April 2005 audio session at beyondtheordinary.net.

Beyond the Ordinary.net

At the end of the audio file Dr. Hakins says that 'Truth Vs. Falsehood' is at the printers! When it will come out, I have no idea. But it can't be long now!
Posted on: 2005/4/26 18:40
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood Release in May?
I listened to the May Beyond the Ordinary.net radio show and Dr. Hawkins said that the book would be released in May. It is the 25th! Where is it? Hopefully soon.
Posted on: 2005/5/25 12:46
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood Release in May?
I actually spoke to Veritas Pub last Friday and they said the book would be out in 5 weeks.
So, hopefully we will have it by the end of June.
Posted on: 2005/5/25 12:49
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood Release in May?
Truth vs. Falsehood was released yesterday.

I ordered it from Veritaspub.com

I'll be sure to share my first impressions when it arrives.

Unfortunatly that will be at least 2 weeks away as per an email I received from Veritas. :(

I called atlasbooks.com and they said they would not be getting copies until early July.

I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

you can read an excerpt here:
Posted on: 2005/6/16 13:30
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood Release in May?
Apparently demand for Truth vs Falsehood.
The initial order for 5000 copies is apparently all sold out, so another 10000 have been ordered.

That's amazing to me that there is so much demand and perhaps a sign of things to come perhaps. I've not heard any reviews of the book yet, but I'll be sure to give my own when it arrives.
Posted on: 2005/6/20 16:30
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood
As of June 27, 2005 we have Truth vs Falsehood in stock at ShiftingFrequencies.com. We had pre-ordered them directly from the publisher, Atlas Books.

I'm reading it now--it's absolutely fascinating. It's changed my political leanings dramatically as I see how my indoctrinated beliefs, vis-a-vis pacifism, had clouded my viewpoint on conservative undertakings. In short, political criticism and protests calibrate lower than 200, and the actions of the current administration are, in general, integrous with regard to the war on terror.

Tony Cecala,
Shifting Frequencies
Posted on: 2005/6/29 22:56
Re: Truth vs. Falsehood
I just received my copy of Truth Vs. Falsehood yesterday!!!!! I got it from Triad Books. I also ordered it from Veritas, but haven't gotten those yet.

It has a ton of calibrations in it. It is 407 pages long and is divided up into the following sections:

1. What is Truth?

2. Practical Applications

3. Truth and the World

4. Higher Consciousness and Truth


Good news for those who don't like Michael Moore and his movies. They are at 185,195 (Bowling for Columbine and Farenheit 9/11)

One discrepancy that I noticed was that on page 38 of The Eye of the I he says that there are 22 sages who calibrate at 700 or above. In the new book, he says that there are 3 that calibrate at 700 or above! Was there a mass extinction or something. Kind of strange.
Posted on: 2005/6/30 18:41
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