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Re: TLC Yoga - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
what is MRT? and can you describe this device?
Posted on: 2006/5/30 11:55
Re: TLC Yoga - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
Hi Bryan,

This is was interesting to read today as just earier today I was contemplating on how to identfy blocks when the "seas are calm". And then I "accidentally" found this post from over 6 months ago!


Posted on: 2006/7/8 22:29
Re: TLC Yoga - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
Since intent matter as much as wording, you may be able to get accurate answers with "should" statements, but upon introspection, I believe you can see that no statement with the word "should" in it can be true. Free will, this whole system in which we exist, only exists because there are no "shoulds" except in the mind. Rather, I state:

"It serves the Highest Good for me to read Chapter 1 of this book now."

This clarifies that I am not looking for a judgment of what is "desired" behavior, but looking to understand whether or not my action (in the PRESENT) is an action which is of service to the higher plan.

I use this method innumerable times a day to incredible accurate results, having few failures, and then only when my motives are below LoC 400.
Posted on: 2008/9/9 17:37
Re: TLC Yoga - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness
the last of the warriors told me not to fight, so i decided not to be a warrior, rather learn to accept me as a non cause action

also clearly showed that any yang action is immediately, and necessarily, balanced by an ying action

clearly saw that we all are interconnected, meaning continuity among all beings, and that whenever 'i' feel like behaving 'good', this would be yang, the multiple sincronicities of 'me', as a whole, tend to balance this intention by behavioring 'bad', this would be balancing ying

clearly saw that this representative playing stretches as far as the imagination can place it, adding to duality and disrupting harmony - whole unity

understanding that unity is not god nor bad, we can clearly see how multiple sincronicity demands a great deal of awareness and responsability on our acting: demanding us to accept simplicity as the best way toward down to earth plain truth
also simplicity makes it easier to be connected to the heart stream, or love or non cause action non pattern stream, by being totally aware and totally giving up on past and future, keeping us from being distracted by whatever sort of intention

when there is love the eyesight is plenty enough
love is here and now love never departed
we do not need to build imaginary fields: love is already in action

this imaginary non-warrior imaginarily told me that it might be difficult, and it will be as difficult as the difficult we believe it to be, to stream in love stream

does it make any sense also to you?

ultimately we drop the intention of no intention, streaming in love, which is the non cause action: infinite energy

love is direct, and this powerfull non cause action demands us to act without mediation
the vast boundless here and now

you can see everyone is playing with energy, acting like field operators, building upon conflict only because it is possible
what do i need power to?
what is force?
we need food, else energy, so that we can produce work, which is building upon conflict for it is resisting the movement of love imposing it the movement of time

so i saw that if i am not able to progress intentionless i should humbly accept the 'where-state' i am being and allow the matrix, or the field, or myself to help me get back down to earth with the whole of my life

this has been my first posting, hope i was not offensive, hope i did not build upon duality
hope for everyone, the way is unity meaning continuity among all beings
Posted on: 2008/9/11 8:50
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