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Poster Thread
Poetry Corner 2
Hello all,

Couldn't find poetry corner so I made this new topic. Anyone is invited to share poems if they want to. I suggest you change the title on the subject bar to your poem's title.

Merry Christmas 2013!
Love and blessings,
Posted on: 2013/12/23 4:17
Seeking and Finding
I have sought the truth.
Cried, wept and bled for the truth;
And I have found Truth.

- Bruce M.
Posted on: 2013/12/23 4:21
Re: Seeking and Finding
Bruce, do you mean poems written by oneself or also just poems you like? Please clarify.
Posted on: 2013/12/23 4:41
Re: Seeking and Finding
Anything you want. Go wild!
Posted on: 2013/12/23 10:09
Re: Seeking and Finding
'Porcelain God'

As I sit
At natures mercy
The body's relieved
The soul kept thirsty
I just happened to be dropping the kids off at the pool when I read this thread and wanted to write a poem about the current activity. I hope you enjoyed the humor in it. B')

I will also rewrite what I have posted on this form before. Well, I will rewrite it the best that i remember.

It is so easy
that we make it difficult
seemingly impossible
But it is always there
Waiting for us to return
and forget all about it


'Love more, think less'- St Teresa of Avila
Posted on: 2013/12/23 22:09
He Appears
This poem is about a dream I had one night.

He Appears

I dream of Jesus!
That's right, I dream of Jesus!

I dabbled in strange thoughts and beliefs.
Then one night he appeared.
He was in my parents' kitchen, with an attendance.
An attendance of great saints and apostles.

He called me his little brother.
Shaking his head and smiling ruefully, he said:
"Little brother, you are way off!
Clean the bathtub."

I awoke.
Did I ponder the meaning of this dream?
No, I got down on my knees and scrubbed.
If there is a difference between you and me,
That's what it is.

(He was right about the bathtub, too; it was dirty.)

-Bruce M.
Posted on: 2014/2/10 23:01
The Gear
I find that if one tries to do something that one sees as good, the ego really tries hard to get involved. By contrast, sometimes one can do something completely unimportant, yet dedicate that to God and it can become wonderful. One time when I was at work waiting to use an instrument, I saw a little ferrule lying around. Being bored, I found a little gear thing that was also just lying around. I said to myself - I do this for the Glory of God, and I made the ferrule thing turn the gear. Suddenly I experienced an extacy, and it felt like the things were turning on their own. This is a poem about that experience.

The Gear

Like a heart pumping warm life-blood,
My Spirit pumps Love and Joy.
'Twining and dancing
They spin together -
A divine gear system.
Without beginning or cause,
Interruption or conclusion.

Do you wish to partake of this?
Then allow to collapse into nothingness
The pretext of unreality
Where God is excluded.

-Bruce M.
Posted on: 2014/2/10 23:11

Shine down from a white late-afternoon sky.
Shine off of each translucent leaf.
Shine in the eyes of my children.
Shine in the face of my wife.
Shine, even from metal and plastic.
Shine, shine, shine!
Am I becoming pure in heart?

- Bruce M.
Posted on: 2014/2/10 23:23
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