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Re: Listing teachings/suggestions of Dr. Hawkins
To those who wanting to quit seeking!

*Jesus was based on belief and the Buddha, action. Both were the manifestation of Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding and Wisdom.
*Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding and Wisdom cannot be divided, they are whole.
*Ignorance and unawareness are the despair of humanity.
*People love to hate: that is called competition, whether you call it sports or war!
*The ego cannot tell truth from falsehood because it has no point of relativity. For example, it does not recognize the garden of eden (paradise), think about it!
*Yes, the ego is unable to change but the SOUL is able to break through!
*The biggest block to enlightenment is identifying with anything!
*Sin-is selfishness, selfishness is all competition!

Do not turn to God, connect with God and "Thy will be done" will really mean something.

Yama Moonbow
Posted on: 2005/12/26 0:53
Re: Listing teachings/suggestions of Dr. Hawkins
Hi all,

thank you yama for your contribution. (2 of your posts are doubled.)

here is more to come:

Teachings / insights acc. to Dr. Hawkins

* Nothing is hidden from the field of consciousness.
* Everything comes about as a consequence of the field.
* Power does not come from the personal ego, but from the unmanifest.
* The pathway to enlightenment via radical truth requires the surrendering of all belief systems.
* The origin of emotional sickness lies in peopleÂ’s belief that they were their personalities (a consequence of the illusion of the ego).
* While violent cults may be clearly repellent, belief systems that masquerade as piety are far more insidious, for they corrupt by the silent entrainment of invisible attractor fields.
* A person can't be anything other than what they are, or else they would be.
* Eventually you get a fire in the belly; that´s when spiritual growth takes priority over everything.
* Below 200 one is really an animal in a human body.
* Singapore is now the nation with the world´s highest LoC (440).
* Who attacks success is fated to failure.
* What´s held in mind can manifest. (ACIM verse: "You are subject to what you hold in mind.")
* Intention is holding something in mind and devoting to it. Under suitable karmic conditions, it tends to manifest.
* Intention isnÂ’t trying; itÂ’s allowing.
* "Cause" is not within the manifest world. Its from the nonlinear formless realm.
* Perception (opinions) is not essence.
* Truth is non-linear and not subject to opinion.
* Each person lives in a goldfish bowl of their own making, in the experiential world of their own specific level of consciousness.
* Not the music, the energy work, the ... itself is significant. A considerable impact on its effectiveness on the receiver is the energy that accompanies it, the intention and the LoC of the healer.
* Only with the help of the Holy Spirit is one able to move up the levels of consciousness.
* Only in 7% of the man's history has peace (no war) been present.
* Highly spiritually advanced people become a serious threat to the God opposing forces. That´s why they can experience psychic attacks in their vulnerable spots and positionalities still held.
* The key to painless spiritual growth is humility.
* Prefering chocolate you mustn´t hate vanilla.
* YouÂ’re just being what you are, as is the same for others.
* Whoever forgives does mostly himself by this act, not as much those whom he forgives.
* The kindness and forgiveness you give to yourself is projected out to the world.
* You canÂ’t forgive someone you still see as evil.
* To consistently choose love, peace, or forgiveness leads one out of the house of mirrors.
*The person willing to forgive sees life in a benign context.
* Forgiveness is innate to humor.
* Humor is one of the best ways to teach.

Suggestions by Dr. Hawkins

* Heed the traditional wisdom encouraging us not to fear evil or fight it, but merely to avoid it.
* DonÂ’t try to change the world, change yourself instead.
* Balance your ego’s reaction to seeming faults by saying: "I’m stupid and ugly? It doesn’t matter; God loves me.”
* Be passionate for God, not for belief systems.
* Pray about something, not for something, not knowing the highest good in a situation.
* Having relationship problems say: "Whatever makes you happy, dear."
* Have compassion for each other's blindness, so you may learn to forgive yourself.
* Find your negative feeling, own it, and forgive yourself for it.
* DonÂ’t start with the Bhagavad-Gita (LoC 900); first learn to be polite.
* Don´t demonize the Ego. Accept the Ego for what it is, doing so will lead to it's resolve.
* Energize your your spiritual will continually in order to break down the ego's structure.
* Do not turn to God, connect with God - and "Thy will be done" will really mean something.
* Treat everything physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
* Don´t try, allow.
* Put the toilet seat down — that’s a sign of love.
Posted on: 2006/1/5 21:02
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