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Religious Cults

How to Identify a Cult

Religous cults are best avoided by performing a kinesiology test after you are sufficiently skilled will instantly reveal the level of Truth of any spiritual group.

In the meantime, here are some quidelines to help Here's a few guidelines to recognize a religious cult. If several of these apply to a group which has approached you, think twice before getting involved.

  • Do they put the demands of the religious cult group before family, school, and interests?
  • Are they vague about what their beliefs are until you're in the group?
  • Does the religious cult leader demand unquestioning agreement or obedience?
  • Is the leader a charismatic person who claims special spiritual powers?
  • Does the group change your sleeping and eating patterns?
  • Does the group keep you in constant group situations & promote dependency?
  • Does the group feel that only they have spiritual truth and that all other groups and churches are wrong?
  • Do group members keep contacting you even after you have told them you are not interested?
  • Heavy proselytizing and religious harassment for the sake of gaining converts.
  • Deceptive recruitment - often calling the "Church" by another name so as to avoid negative stereotyping.
  • Mandatory tithing. Members are required to donate a certain percentage of income and may be shamed into this.
  • Psychological and spiritual abuse. This may include strict obedience to leaders without questions, violation of confidentiality, dependency on the group and fear of reprisals for leaving it.
  • Eventual pressure to cut ties with family and friends.
Religious cults can create an amazing amount of spiritual damage to individuals that fall prey to their tactics. Ultimately, religous cults undermine the trust their victims have in all spirituality. It is not uncommon for people to become suicidal after the realization that what they had put so much faith in was little more than a scam.

The best advice besides using kinesiology is to pay attention to the actions of the leaders of the religious cult. By their fruits you will know them.

A religious cult leader may preach love while their actions show they punish cult member for not following the rules.

God does not suffer from out human frailties. God has no desire to control us nor does he show favoritism for certain groups or individuals. Many cult leaders get their power from creating the illusion that alignment with the cult leader puts followers on the fast track to God.

Don't believe these lies. God keeps no secrets.

God is the source and presence of peace, love, stillness and beauty.

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