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Kinesiology is simple. This powerful tool is simple because it only uses your electrical chi system and your muscles. The challenge is that accurate readings require a subtle discerment. Learning to k-test is like learning to ride a bike, it takes practive. That is one of the big reasons that this site was created. Kinesiology happens to be one of those amazingly simple things in life just that are available to anyone with Positive Intentions.

How long will it take to learn Kinesiology?

This depends on the individual and their spiritual development and their intention. Small children can learn to do kinesiology in about five minutes. My guess is that they learn faster because their consciousness is more of a blank slate, this means that they have fewer positionalities. The thought that they couldn't do it never occurred to them. The innocence of a child sees no barriers.

The more you practice the faster you will gain mastery. The key is to have fun with it. If you run into a challenge, ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?" God will reward your patience.

The reason people struggle with kineisology is that they're used to a complex intellectual understanding and kinsiology calibrates at 600. That puts it out of the realm of the Intellect.

How does k-testing work?

The kinesiological response is a simple yes or no response to a single stimulus. The stimulus can be substance or a simple statement. If the stimulus is beneficial and supports life, the muscles test strong. If the stimulus is not beneficial, the muscles will test weak. The response is very quick and brief

A critical understanding is that the kinesiological test measures the level of Truth of a stimulus. Just like in the real world something either exists or it does not exist.This is a subtle understanding, so to further explain think about electricity. The lightbulb lights your room either gets electical power or it does not get electical power. Non-electric current does not flow throught the wires to turn off the light. The electical current stops and in that instant the light turns out.

Whatever our life essence is, it work in much the same way. There is either life or no-life. So the k-test measures if something strengthens this life energy. If the stimulus is beneficial, the test subject will test strong.

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