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Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. evolution has been a huge issue ever since Charles Darwin shared his initial theory.

Formal religion has historically found change unsettling. This make complete sense when you realize that much of their religious dogma is based on control. New ideas can be very threatening to these power structures as they perceive them as a possible loss of control and so it's very common for religious leaders to speak against ideas.

While both sides have created very complicated explanations for why their beliefs are correct, neither seem to be coming any closer to a common understanding.

I was raised in a Fundamentalist Christian background. I have heard countless times how God created the Earth in 7 days. I have been told that if I don't believe that the earth was created in 6 24-hour days, then my salvation is questionable.

Even when I was young, I could not seem to believe these 'facts' that I was force fed. It just didn't make sense. I had discussions with the Pastor and he assured me that they had 'scientific proof' that Creationism was real.

I'm still confused how the Universe was created in 7 days because before the Earth was created there was no Day. Humanities concept of time is based on the rotation of Earth. Different planets have different periods of rotation. Time is in fact a concept that we use to comprehend any moment other than the Now.

Another problem with Creationism is that their explanation for the existence of fossils and other scientific evidence was so complicated. Most of the explanations I heard seemed to require some type of intelligent super-being that created all the fossils and all the historical facts to deceive and mislead us away from the Truth.

Some scientists take the opposite point of view that because evolution exists, there is no God. It would seem that they think of the world in very mechanistic terms, an anology would be that evolution was like a series of billiard balls, each one causing the next to move as the energy is transfered. The big question that they fail to answer is, "Who created the billiard balls?"

Science has created many wonderful things, yet they have not been able to create life. They can assemble the piece that allow life to form, but that is different from creating life.

I wandered for years about this and it was not until I read about the physics of light that I began to get some clue as to how this whole controversy came about.

Exploration of light has created much controversy within the field of physics. The prevailing thought was the light was composed of waves of energy. However, as the technology improved and physicists conducted more and more experiments, they began to notice that sometimes light behaved like a particle.Suddenly the question all of physics wanted to know was:

Is light a particle or a wave?

This created a huge battle between different scientists. Both sides assumed that light had to be one or the other. At the time all the scientists saw the world as a world of form characterized by seeming separation of objects as pioneered by Aristotle. This belief system meant that only one of the following statements could be true:
  • Light is a particle.
  • Light is a wave.
At the time, every one's perception of the world could only allow them to perceive light as either a particle or a wave.

The debate continued for years until finally the realization came that perhaps light was not one or the other. Perhaps light was both a particle and a wave and it was only the point of view of the observer that made the difference. It was this understanding that opened the doors for exploration in quantum mechanics and to allow science to finally move beyond the simplistic mechanistic view of the world inherent within Newtonian physics.

How does this relate to the Creation vs. Evolution debate?

Everyone involved in the creation vs. evolution debate is choosing to view the world as a dualistic reality. Both sides believe that only Creation or only Evolution could be correct. The Creationist believe that if the theory of evolution is true then somehow God does not exist. This is not the case.I propose a 3rd option:

God is the source of evolution and Creation, which are one and the same.

To me, this Truth seems self-evident. I hope that it helps you to come to your own conclusions.

Here is Dr. David Hawkins explanation of Creation.

Creation A continuous process without beginning or end through with the manifest universe of form and matter is produced by iteration, starting from three points- all that is required to create by fractals an infinite variety of forms. ( illustrated by fractal patterns such as the "Mandelbrot Set"> In Sanskrit the 3 aspect or origination of all that is experienceable are called, Rajas, Tamas, and Satva. These are symbolized by the Hindu deities, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. In Christianity these 3 points are represented by the Trinity. ( God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. )

creation vs evolution
view of Earth from Space
Mandelbrot Set

May peace come into your heart.

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