Level of Consciousness

Attractor Patterns and Level of Consciousness

In this instant, you are learning about something powerful that most people have no idea exists. I've been studying human behavior for a long time and this paper is a brief summary of information that seems true to me. See what you think.

1. Like attracts like. Everything has a field that exists supporting the level of Truth. Fields attract other like fields. There attractor patterns exist throughout the universe and are readily visible in flying flocks of birds, large schools of fish and aerospace enginering.

Human beings seem to naturally pick up on these fields. If you have visited many spiritual teachers, you may have noticed an inner peace while you were in the presense of a true Teacher. This is the result of entrainment. If you pay attention to world history, you can see the evolution of these fields throughout time.

2. Human Beings are idea machines. While our physical body's ( the hardware ) evolved over billions of years of the evolution of God's creation, most of our worlds is dramatically shaped by our ideas and concepts of how the world is.

3. Our ideas, called memes, creates meaning ( Context ) for everything that we perceive ( Content ). While we often forget this, memes live only in our mind. Doesn't that make them imaginary?

4. Like all things, some memes fit better integrate into some peoples beliefs more than others. Some memes naturally fit better in people’s minds because of their dominant thought patterns or Level of Consciousness. When a group of memes fit well together and pull the strings of someone’s mouth and vocal cords so that they pass them on to others, a new, self-replicating thing gets created. The new thing is called a memeplex.

Self-replication is the one of the most powerful forces in the universe. One person tells two, two tell four, four tell eight, and pretty soon the whole universe is full of people sharing the memeplex.

Sometimes a self-replicating memeplex may copy itself incorrectly. Unfortunately, this has happened in many of the worlds religions. As the early religious idea spread, more and more people began to come to their own conclusions of what was meant by the original teachers. Just like the parlor game Rumors where everyone repeats the secret they here to the person next to them, the original Truth is lost as the story is retold again and again.

The invention of the printing press allows spiritual truth to be recorded in print the same way for the next eon.

5. All of mankinds belief systems, religions, and governments are the result of ideas being shared with other people. None of these systems actually exist except in the mind of people.

6. Every idea is constantly changed by the point of view of the observer. Mankind cannot make sense of the world without describing meaning to things.

7. When we are born, our mind is introduced to meme after meme after meme. Just like software on computers, these memes determine how the hardware ( our bodies ) will interact with our environment.

At the core of us is our animal nature. Instincts created over millions of years creates what is called Ego. This is the part of each human that is concerned with survival. The Ego believes that the world is dog eat dog.

The state of Enlightenment is what remains when the Ego is transcended.

8. Memes begin to work together to create a map that mostly makes sense to us, even if it is incorrect. These maps and their differences are the reason that the Israel can't get along with Palestine. Both parties think that they are completely justified to use force to destroy their 'enemy'. However, these opposing forces fail to understand that each of their actions perpetuates more force. Just as in physics, every force creates a counter-force.

10. Every human has a purpose here. Earth is a pergatorial realm where we learn to use the power of Intention to manifest our life. We all have a choice to take the fast track or to keep looping around forever. 11. The realization that we provide the context for every event creates the potential of understanding that we create all the meaning the world has to us. As creators of meaning, we create whatever type of reality we desire.

12. Life is largely composed of conversations. Conversations are composed of memes. Lower levels of Consciousness are unaware of this. As we spiritually progress, we begin to understand that the world as a solid, understandable body to be interacted with. Further spiritual progress reveals the world as a canvas to be painted. We have the free will to choose to do this for good or for evil. If we choose good, good is returned to us in unexpected ways. If we choose evil, evil is returned. Either way, the world appears the way we choose to see it. If someone wants to be a victim, the world will provide very-convincing evidence to support this belief.

14. Lower levels of Consciousness do not understand the world and consequently fear it. As we progress up the spiritual scale, fear is replaced by courage, willingness, reason and finally love. At the highest Levels of Consciousness, we realize that the Universe is not a maze to be navigated; it is a baby to be brought up.

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